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Our Background

We are innovative creators, leading global manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of Kismera Line’s superior quality hair products. With over ten years of experience in the North American, Latin American, Caribbean, European, and Asian markets, Kismera Line has earned an impeccable world-wide reputation. We are recognized for our highly effective products, acknowledged for our efficient logistics, commended for our exceptional customer service, and above all, well-respected for our honesty and integrity.


Kismera Line is created from the purest and highest-quality raw materials to facilitate the work of professionals, while simultaneously, providing hair-care management and maintenance from the comfort of home. With over one-hundred well-defined products, we can guarantee that no matter your needs, we have the right solutions.


We thank you for trusting us with the health and beauty of the hair you care for. Milano Hair Products, Inc. extends a cordial greeting to all our friends, distributors, and valued customers.


It’s no secret. Your hair is our passion.

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